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Shout out to Anne Jacoby and Duane Etienne

Feels as if we have crossed a threshold here in Indiana. Oct. 1 marked the end date of the three year federal planning grant demonstration project. While the project is certain to continue into the future, there have been many wonderful partners and accomplishments along the way.

Today, I feel special gratitude for the lifetime of service to the Indiana and national aging network by two Hoosier standouts, Anne Jacoby and Duane Etienne. As longtime directors of two Indiana Area Agencies on Aging (Generations, and CICOA), these two individuals have made a truly significant mark on the development of aging services and on the lives of untold numbers of older Hoosiers. As they retire this fall, a giant pair of shoes goes empty! One can’t count the many feats they have accomplished! (Duane always liked a bad pun).

Duane and Anne have been instrumental in the success of the planning grant from inception through today. I know their talents won’t be lost to Indiana as they enter that revered emeritus, read consultant, phase of their lives!

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